This blog has several functions, or a definite “Telos“. The first of which is to give me a place to write, and to practice my writing. Sometimes the purpose of these pennings may be creative writing; at other times they may leap into poetry; occasionally, prose. My musings will usually be unrefined – a first draft, if you will – but will always be something to which I have given critical and copious thought. I will muse upon various topics, respond to current events, ponder and dissect new view points for my own and others’ edification.

I will likely wax philosophic, as that is a favorite hobby, though I rarely have the patience necessary to copiously transcribe my lengthy mental arguments and rigorous proofs. I will usually speak in the first person. I will ask questions, attempt to persuade, argue, debate, cajole, and otherwise attempt to engage the occasional reader who perchance may stumble across these stream-of-consciousness writings, and may perhaps glean some value from what I have penned here. I will probably say many things with which you vehemently disagree. Hopefully you will still respect the points and proofs I offer, even if you disagree with my conclusions.

Please feel free to respond with your honest feelings and thoughts. Let us dialog.

In Sum, This is a place for my creative writing, persuasive arguments, philosophic musings, and other such literary nonsense. It will be filled with observations, critiques, and much hyperbole. It is an ivory tower – safe from reality, full of arm-chair and fireside musings. Lets us light a cigar, and pour ourselves a chilled bourbon (no ice) as we nestle deeper in our smoking jackets and wait out this rainy weather.



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    • Hahaha! It’s actually just a three-piece navy suit that I happened to dress up a bit with a bow tie and a nice Brooks Brothers shirt with French Cuffs. I actually own all of that believe it or not! I wore a different suit each night of closing weekend.

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    • Thank you so much, Jason! I hope that I have played a cognitively stimulating, if somewhat whimsical role in your path of enlightenment! It is my goal to continue to do so, and to stimulate others as well, either in indignation, curiosity,or fancy. Thank you for your kind recommendation!

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