On first principles to guide all else: a beginners guide to effective decision-making

If you are ever at a loss what to do, always return to the basic and most important principles of life. Build a logical case from them, and you will soon know the answer.

The first and most important axiom must be this:

1.Love people, and be kind.

All other principles flow from this.

The next principle is thus:

2. Be a man/woman of your word.

2A. Always make sure you give your word in accordance with principle #1. Be Trustworthy.

2B. Reward Trustworthy people with loyalty. This is positive reinforcement of the love principle.

2C. Your word, and your reputation is all that you have. Everything else around you flows from that. Your reputation flows from your integrity and your character.

2C1. Words have power. What you communicate and how you communicate it to others can either create or destroy whole worlds and civilizations.

2C2. Learn to speak and communicate well. Then make sure you choose the appropriate words and concepts in your communication that are most effective for communicating with your audience.

2C3. This is the foundation for high standards of educational excellence. No one will be able to communicate well if they have nothing to communicate about. Thus we must teach as many important concepts and information The high standard to everyone. A good foundation education universally held, would create an incredible, powerful, and wonderful world Full of creators shaping the universe.

3. Be helpful. People who love, and are kind will be naturally helpful.

3A. Helpful and loving people do their works with Friendly courtesy. Manners matter. One must be polite.

3A1. Proper manners and care for others means respecting authority and the hierarchy in place. People have risen to where they are thru much hard work and discipline.

3A1a. It would follow that courtesy would dictate honoring their achievements and feelings about those achievements.

3A1b. Honor your mother and father.

3A1c. Cheerful obedience to your superiors is then the right course of action and proper attitude in which to do it.

3B. People are ends in and of themselves, not merely means to an end. Respect others, and be reverent toward their beliefs and ideas.

3B1. Bravery means putting others first, above yourself, in spite of fear. This follows from love. This places an extreme value on the other person. When everyone is brave for everyone else, miracles happen, and the insurmountable obstacle becomes an ant hill.

3B2. Being wise financially cares for your family, or future family, and honors the society that crafted you and gave you the opportunity to become what you are. Being thrifty shows respect for yourself, your office, your peers, and your community.

3B2a. Proper Resource stewardship is essential for thriving and prospering. Benjamin Franklin said “Waste not, want not”. This applies to individuals, families, society, and humanity. Do universe operates in cycles. Some periods of plenty, some of lean. Stewardship allows you to always care for your responsibilities and needs.

3B2b. Proper stewardship of your own resources also instills trust in others that if they give you resources of their own to manage that you will care for them equally well. This ensures future prosperity for you or people will always need others to help them care for their own things.

3B2c. Be grateful for everything that you have, and every resource an opportunity that you can take advantage of. Approach all things with an attitude of Grace, thanks, dignity, and appropriate humility.

3C. Be clean. Take care of yourself and those around you by practicing good hygiene. It also keeps society safe from disease, and generally creates a more pleasant experience for all.

4. Part of loving others is Wanting the best for others.

4A. Hold everyone around you to a high standard.

4A1. Integrity and character matter. They are the foundation of a good relationship with yourself, others and society.

4A2. The best way to maintain integrity is through interpersonal Accountability. Others watch us and hold us to our greatness, and we must do the same for others.

5. Relationships constitute essential truth.

5A. Our first relationship is with ourself.

5A1. Our first relationship is to our conscious mind and perception of self. Maintain a healthy conception of self: proper self-worth and esteem are essential. Let them be neither too large or too small. Know your place in the world. Know your capabilities and your authentic self. Love yourself. Be self aware. Challenge and grow your intellect. A happy mind is an active mind.

5A2. Next is our subconscious mind and creativity. Make sure to stimulate your subconcious with interesting thoughts snd ideas. Meditate, enjoy and create art and music. No that what you see and experience resonates in rebounds and resounds inside you long after the experience itself fades away. Cultivate a healthy unconscious by caring for the content you consume. What goes in to your subconscious will always find its way and express itself in the conscious.

5A3. Finally, care for your sense of right and wrong. Care for your ambitions. Take care of your dreams and your ethics. This is the source of your will which in turn is what allows you to accomplish anything. This is the home to your integrity from which every other aspect of yourself flows. Mind your garden.

5A4. Next we must care for our body. You must exercise appropriately. Eat healthily. Only use drugs tobacco and alcohol in moderation. Have Quality beautiful sex as often as you ethically can. Care for your health. For your health is a slave to time, and they are your only true resources of much value.

5B. Our second relationship is with others.

5B1. Our first relationship is with our family. They are the most important relationships and the only ones bound by blood. Your bloodline matters. Your genetic connection matters. You are the result of millions of years of chance and circumstance and love. You bear your ancestors history inside of you. You carry the hopes and dreams and ambitions and achievements of thousands of people inside of you. Care for your family. Families are the basic societal unit. No one will care for you more deeply, irrationally, or more personally than your family. Your closest friends are the family that you choose. This also goes for husbands and wives. They are adopted family members which is no less significant. Sexual partners become a part of you and you become a part of them through the exchange of genetic material. Similarly so: blood pact brothers.

5B2. The next round of relationships is your connection to your immediate community. This could be virtual and online, or could be more traditional such as Townhall, or interest groups, or hobbyists. These relationships create a well-rounded and safe society.

5B3. Next, we have society as a whole. Society can do things for you that your family cannot. However it is a two Way Street: you are expected to do things for society that might not personally benefit you or your family. This ensures a longevity of the species.

5C. Finally we have a relationship to nature and the universe. It is our home. It is the future home of our children. We must care for the environment for it’s direct impact in our own lives and the lives of our children and the lives of our family friends and community society and species. Just also care for the universe as a whole as it allows us to see our true nature and true place. When we stare into the depths of the universe from the dock of our own planet, we really look at a mirror and discover our sense of the sublime. We see who we truly are.

6. The way things are is not necessarily the way things ought to be.

6A. Vision is required to dream of and see a better world that no one else can see.

6B. Leadership is required to cast that vision in front of others and capture their imagination and ensure their willingness to assist in the realization of that vision.

6B1. Leadership requires a community.

6B1A. Power is always given or granted by the community being lead. It is never self generated.

6B1B. It can be coerced or manipulated to be gotten, but if it is seized that way, as soon as the veil is lifted, the power vanishes.

6B2. Love and Integrity must be at the core of all leadership.

6C. If you are not a person of vision or leadership, do not despair. Your contribution is absolutely essential. You assist in the realization of those visions buy those men of leadership. We all play a part, and we each have a role.

7. Balance thought and action. We must of course give great thought and analysis to all matters great and small, but we must find the balance between that analysis paralysis that could result and actually achieving and accomplishing.

7A. Your instincts flow from your subconscious. If you have cared for your subconscious mind properly, when it is time to act, if you have done your basic analysis and thought, you will know what to do.

7B. Virgil said that Fortune favors the bold. What he meant by this is that we must be people of action. No one ever did anything or achieved anything nearly by merely thinking about it. However no one ever did anything Or achieved anything worth doing without thinking about it first.

7B1. When you make a decision, let the decision be final. Do not agonize over it. Be bold and adventurous with that decision. Take responsibility for every decision that you make, and every action that you take. The world around you is the way that it is because of you.

7B2. Do not cease analyzing after you act, however. Every action will cause reactions. Those reactions must be analyzed and considered. Sometimes those reactions will necessitate a course correction. Sometimes it is better to stay the course and let things work themselves out. If you are unsure which is the correct course of action, let me advise you to consider your first principles from which you were acting and put your intuition and powers of analysis and integrity to bear on this solution.

I could continue expanding and unpacking these and other principles into various other permutations and applications, but I believe this is a fairly solid initial foray into a functional foundation for decision-making. It is a rather solid basis for anyone’s immediate growth. Most of these concepts are very basic, and you could write many books on each topic. But as an overview, I believe that it is fairly comprehensive.

May you have the best of luck in all your future endeavors.


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