The constant evolution burning bright,
As changes waft – carrying the night:
forever stranded on the weary sea,
never achieving, only consistently
moving forward as tides to shore
or soldiers marching off to war.
The sands slide on, the bells chime hours
as cosmic forces expend their powers.
We react, we grow – our burdens shift.
The Sisyphean ordeal, our experiences sift
and compel the reckoning of our souls
with ages past and specters and ghouls
of choices gone and decisions past.
Those who remain learn and change,
and explore (discover!) over such a range
that humanity, brilliant & crafted from stars
extends his reach through time and space (au revoir!)
and touches the face of god.

-JRWH, 07/05/14

For my brother, NJCH on his 23rd Birthday.


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