Noah – a Christian Philosopher Review

A great article, and here is one of my favorite points,: “from the standpoint of understanding the Bible, there are a few things we might keep in mind. God, in the process of destroying the world, took the time (and effort) to save a breeding pair of every land animal. Preserving each species looks like a legitimate issue of Christian concern. If what lives on our planet is not just the result of blind chance, merely the things that haven’t yet died out or haven’t yet been displaced by a competitive species, but instead is the work of a divine creator, each one is worth saving. If God saves so many of his creatures from a deluge by the miracle of the ark, who are we to be callous to their struggle against extinction? Given our original mandate (repeated in the film, no less), to be fruitful and multiply, to tend and dress the garden, shouldn’t Christians be concerned about what’s left of our garden?”

School of Christian Thought

noah I just watched Aronofsky’s Noah . It was a powerful, disturbing film. I don’t know if it was calculated to please a religious audience, but I think that Christians ought to be pleased by it. What follows is my take on the film, and there are a few spoilers – so be warned.

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