Music Video Ideas #3

Music Video Idea:

The Goddess Athena, tied, suspended in air from 20 different fabrics pulling in all directions, in the moon light, from a courthouse, with javelins hurled through her body, while Blind Justice looks away. Red billowing fabric oozes from her wounds like blood and covers the stairs beneath her, and flows across the heaped bodies of slain blacks, gays, women, men, whites, muslims, christians, babies, young, straights, old, latino, buddhist, jocks, musicians, artists, politicians, and bankers.

A Giant Spider climbs the courthouse, and proceeds to bite off Athena’s head, and hang her upside down in the rafters next to a bald eagle, the statue of liberty, MLK, JFK, Jesus, Andy Warhol, Galileo, Micky Mouse, and other recognizable icons.


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