6 Word Story Challenge: Accepted!

6 Word Story Challenge: Accepted!

6 Word Story Challenge

Here are my best tries.

1. Looking Glass: grave lined crows feet.

2. Bed-ridden. Liver hurts. Never again… Again!!!

3. Dark Park. Flash Dash. Sprained Ankle.

4. Her Unwanted Familiarity. Passive-Agressive Lashing Out.

5. Too close for comfort. Pushed away.

6. Tears filled rocks glassed. Poor Bartender.

7. Secret Raid. Dead Comrade. Proud Parade.

8. Crisp Salute. 21 Guns. Dead Brothers.

9. The Muses Strike. Artistic Unconsciousness descends.

10. Life of Necessity. Unrealized Dreams. Funeral.

11. Money Talks. B.S. Walks. Impostors Balk.

12. Go Make Disciples. Perpetuated 2,000 Years.

13. Luck is for Schmucks. Make Opportunity.


2 thoughts on “6 Word Story Challenge: Accepted!

  1. There are some pretty amazing stories in your list, James! I especially like number 9. Thanks for taking up the Six Word Story challenge.

    Every other week I post a new theme for this challenge. This week it was ‘Puzzle’, so you should write a story in six words about a puzzle. Last time for example, the theme was ‘Retrospect’.

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