Music Video Brainstorms…pt 2

Art Thieves, rainbows, white water rafting, midwest plains thunderstorm, giraffes, the dish running away with the spoon with the owl and the pussy cat in their pea green boat with the gingham dog and calico cat

zoo on a yacht, in a sea of jello, with an army of 5 year old girls. And Amazon Warriors

dionysus, bubble bath, flamingos, Louis XIV, Scuba Diver, Tolkien-esque Elves

Hands with Ears for fingers, Feet with noses for toes. wrists and ankles each with two eyes, and a face that is only a mouth.

Exotic Cages full of squeaking parrots, Belly Dancing Girls, Pole Dancers, Roman Phalanx, Fijords, Saudi Arabia

Tibetan Monks/Temple, Time Machine, HG Wells, Furbies, Fire Breathing, Indian Drum Circle and rain dancers.


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