Music Video Brainstorms…

Music video starter kits:
(Otherwise Known as ridiculous combinations of random ideas. It is a loose brainstorm to facilitate creativity.)

half pipes and rock climbers and giant boa constrictors.

running dwarfs, paleontologists, pterodactyls, casinos.

plumbers, sunset meadows, caesar, pit bulls.

painting, hang gliding, Chinese calligraphy.

Sex with Body paint, fashion runway, whole foods, fire staff spinning.

Flea Circus, Renaissance Painters, Pope in the Vatican, Indian Tribal Dance.

Hearts cut from chests, Donald Duck, and Harold Hill leading a big Zombie Parade.

WWII Bombers, Unicorns, London, Rodeo.

Ballet, Russian Roulette, Orient Express, Ice Fishing.

Punch and Judy, Magic Castle, Pizza Guy, Stairmaster

fruit guillotine, colosseum, lion tamer, skydiver ironing space suit.

Moonwalk, Mummies, M&M mascots, Mustard.

Ivory Throne, Bolsheviks, Old Sports Cars, Monkeys.

Naked River Spirits, Neptune, Napa Winery, Druids.

Bonnie and Clyde, King Kong, Geronimo, Custer.

Antebellum South, Pyramids, Great Wall of China, Roman Army.

Sewers, Ninjas, Pirates.

Raining Flowers, Stone Henge, Atlantis, Walking up skyscrapers.

Carnival, Eiffel Tower, Home Birth, Baking Cookies.

Smashing Chandeliers, Volcanos, Giant Robots, Eggs hatching sunrise.

Clovers, Castles, Flying Carpets, Zodiac

Dragons, Mermaids, Giant Kittens, Aerial Dog fights.

Boxing Match, Cellos, Sunset Cliffs, Forest Fire, Giant Lion fighting Giant Bears.

Comedy Club, Mime, Afghanistan War, Chair Warehouse.

Ark of the Covenant, BDSM club, Edgar Allen Poe, Riverboat

Treehouse Mansion, George of the Jungle, Alien Assault upon Children, Food fight.

Flying Lessons, aerial big game dinosaur hunting, 20,000 leagues under the sea, peanut butter and jelly.

Loch Ness Monster, Cthulu, Grey Aliens, Pharaoh, etc Poker game for the fate of humanity.

Apocalypse, Last Kiss, Yoga, Dance flowing Violin on hill overlooking mushroom cloud

J. Edgar Hoover in drag, Samurai, Moses’s 10 Commandments, Rabbit Punch

Basketball, X-rays, Straight Jacket, Strawberry Patch.

Circus, Mafia, Music on Beach, Canoe in swamp in morning mists

Marine Basic Training, Kids Summer Camp, Bonsai Tree Zen, Laundromat.

Gun Range, Pillow Fight, Chess,

Botox Injections, Photoshop Models, Architecture Design

Sailing the Mediterranean, Morocco, Skunks, Farming


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