A Gentle Breeze Sighs Softly

A gentle Breeze sighs softly thru the amber grain
Carrying the Songbird thru the soothing rain
Stormy Fluff hides the Apollonian chariot in vain
Unbent, All is Right again.

The feathery rain warmly on my face alights,
Carving canyons in the mud past orbs of sight
A mighty grin bursts forth from behind the craggy visage, white.
All again, unbent, is right.

Startled Fawns skitter through the arboretum, verdant.
Mother calls their names with quiet descant.
Slowly they reveal themselves and approach the worried parent.
All is right again, unbent.

From heights comes the harbinger’s cry: unusual.
As he plummets earthward, his dispatch: novel.
Upon wings of dawn, midst sea foam, through Artemis’ columns pale
Unbent! Right again is all.

-James R.W. Hiatt, 2008


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