“Strawberry Dragons”

UnknownA Poetic Musing. Disclaimer, this is merely a rough draft with no revisions. It is a first attempt that I will abandon incomplete. It is an artistic exploration, which will likely be 100% crap. If it isn’t, so much the better. Think of this like going to the gym.
The opening line is inspired by Maya Papaya’s status.


Zoey hunched over mounded plate,22295126_BG1
Whispering to her strawberries,
“Goodbye my red little friends,
I’m really quite going to miss you…”

Thusly becomes the sealed fate,
That small sticky palm thus carries
To pearly gates, now descends
Down that gullet: great ballyhoo!

Glee! The dragon of ages, ate;strawberry_dragon_by_dragontiger4477-d4sgm32
Cackling with each inhaled fairy,
Youth reveals eternal trends:
Consumption is that “Pas de Deux.”


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