The Failings of Modern Gender and Racial Superiority

symbol-sign-male-femaleMen should have as much say in defining what it means to be a modern woman, as women should have in defining what it means to be a modern man.

Which is to say less than 20%, for women should learn about femininity from other women, and men should learn about masculinity from other men. Men cannot teach women how to be women, and women cannot teach men how to be men. Both genders are unique and special, and share much in the greater human experience, whilst having great areas that do not overlap at all.

There has been much talk about Women Iron_Man_4_37358Hating. Let us agree that that attitude is wrong, and agree that we should remove the subtle sexism in our culture. Let us also agree that the rampant Man Hating is also wrong, and remove that from our culture.

Then of course there is the whole segment of 20M-30M Americans that don’t fit neatly into the traditional gender roles. You all have to figure out what it means to be you, for yourself. We of the traditional gender norms can only support you in your explorations and discoveries. We can’t define you. We really can’t be of article-1254609-087CC64E000005DC-863_634x473much help, though we try (all good intentions). You must self-actualize what it means to fall into your specific demographic, and let us know.

We know that Women, Gays, and Minorities have been repressed. We know that they have been marginalized. We know that they have been mistreated, and have had great evils worked upon them throughout history. And this must end. We must fight for equality for everyone. Men, Women, Gay, and Other. White, Black, Native American, Jew, Arab, Asian, Latino. We must all work together toward not merely “tolerating” one another, but embracing and appreciating. We must approach a Straight White Man with the same love as we do a Gay Latino Woman, and every other possible combination.

We must strive, hand in hand, toward equality.

11LUNCH1_SPAN-articleLargeHowever, Equality is never reached through revenge. Only through Forgiveness. Equality cannot be a product of despair, or sneering condemnation; it cannot arise through corrupted corrosive contempt or scorn. We cannot despise one another. We must relish in the glory that is the other. We must forget past wrongs. We must look to the future, and imagine a beautiful glorious state of being, and work towards that. So long as we hold bitterness in our hearts, and nurse old hurts and grudges, we will only grow inward and turn hard and spiteful. The only way to grow 1154130544_fupward, is to look out toward the sun, and long for the true warmth. Revenge only creates resentment and new wrongs. Revenge begets retribution, which only furthers the cycle of hurt, hate, and damage.

The only way to change the world is not through Militant Islam, or Radical Feminism, Black Power, or Gay Pride but through a Universal Unconditional Love. Love is Patient, and Kind. It does not seek to honor itself, but others. It is not proud.

Love looks out for others. It protects. It trusts. Love Hopes. Love endures. Love Forgives.

Let us be Love to each other.



5 thoughts on “The Failings of Modern Gender and Racial Superiority

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  3. I have to say this is another area I have to agree with you on. I know, it’s so rare for us to agree, but the thing I hate the most is women who say that it’s a good thing women aren’t portrayed and treated like the only thing they can be is a homemaker and then not only then tell women that the only way to be a modern liberated woman is to work outside the home, but also are fine with portraying men as neanderthal-like sex fiend slobs who have no feelings. My number one example in media? Peter Griffin. He’s not alone either, and it is just as bad as the dreaded rom-com that makes “the one” look like a minor god to all other men. Both ideas are unrealistic and really show a contempt for the depth and complexities of a man. It is as narrow-minded as thinking all women are good cooks, neat, and don’t like the outdoors.

  4. I disagree no one has a right to define another persons identity. Its pure socialist, collectivist behavior that leads to the genocides committed by Stalin.

    • A right? Fine. No one has a RIGHT to define you.

      However, a basic sociological understanding would remind you that humans, as social beings by nature, derive part of their identity from “who I think that society thinks I am.” We are in a constant state of identity flux. We are constantly attempting to shape our physical appearance, or psychological/intellectual presence to indicate to others how we want them to perceive us. We then infer part of our own identity from how we interpret what they respond to and how they respond to us.

      I am not who I think I am. You are not who you think you are. I am not who you think I am. You are not who I think you are. Instead, I am who I think that you think that I am, and you are who you thing that I think that you are. Granted, this is a nuanced point. However, it is an accurate reflection of the creation of “self” in society.

      This understanding of individual identity can be appropriately expanded to large demographics as well, though with diminished accuracy, hence my 20% estimate. No data on that. Really more of an illustrative figure than an actual one. Individuals will take more or less of their identity from the “other” (in this case members of the opposite gender), but everyone does from some degree. This is not a right. This is simple human nature. It has provided the basic strength of society for millennia. Are there shortcomings? Some. Are there strengths? Definitely.

      Humans take a major part of their identity from others. Men take a significant part of their identity from women, and vice versa. In conjunction with history and heritage, White people understand what it means to be white in contrast to Black/Latino/Asian/etc Culture. Black people, in conjunction with history and heritage, understand what it means to be black in contrast to White/Asian/Latino/etc Culture. When we blur those lines, we do strengthen society, but we trade part of our heritage and cultural distinctive identity. The trick is to blur enough to eliminate racism, and sexism, and then determine what aspects of identity are most important, separate from consideration of the other.

      If Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus had intended this as their message in their VMA performance, I would say that they are brilliant. However, I doubt that this level of thinking went into it. Still, the aspects of this truth are nestled in their show, at a minimal level – think Miley’s attempt at appropriating black culture, and the aggressive reversal in gender norms, wherein the hyper-sexualized Miley is pursuing a disinterested Thicke, the way that may hyper-sexualized boys (usually less overtly) pursue disinterested girls.

      And let’s not misconstrue socialism. Socialism doesn’t inherently lead to genocide, any more than capitalism and democracy inherently leads to war-mongering in the Middle East for 25 years. The atrocious acts that Stalin committed were the machinations of a brilliant grab for power, that was ruthlessly effective. Machiavelli himself would have been proud/horrified. It was “simply political” – not that that is any justification for the crimes against humanity.

      Anyhow, thanks for reading, and thanks for the comment

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