Faith * Hope * Love = {Dream} + [Create] + (Inspire)

Hope is the antithesis to Fate.

road_sunset-wideThere is no fate, or destiny set in stone. There is only freedom.
There are only boundless possibilities. Hope and Fate cannot coexist.

Fate is a set path, that allows no hope. Fate is a set existence that cannot be changed. It is immutable. It is as good as it is going to be, and cannot be improved, or made better. It is exactingly precise, and predetermined. Hope requires that the future is incorporeal.

particles1 jardines-con-laberintosOur Hope is that the best of all possible futures is the one we select.
Our Faith is that Humanity, in all of its greatness and in all of its tragedy, is capable of discovering the Power of the Love necessary to move us toward that best possible future.


Love is the engine. Faith: the vehicle. Hope: the navigation.

We dream, and we create from love and faith. Through these, We inspire hope. And Hope fuels the faith and love.

Hope. Faith. Love. Dream. Create. Inspire.

the-universe-hails-our-love-299684This is the essence of the human condition:
Our Glory is our capacity for good.
Our Tragedy is our shortcomings, that cause us to fall short of our potential.
Our Struggle is to overcome these short comings, and reach our greatest potential.

Sisyphus_by_vmulliganTo overcome our Struggles, and reign Triumphant, we need to be guided by Faith, Hope, and Love.

However, without love, our mighty automobile is merely a burnt out wreck. If We have Faith that can move mountains, but have no Love, We have nothing.

Love always Protects.
Love always Trusts.
Love always Hopes.
Love always Perseveres.

sisyphusLove always wins.

The greatest way to destroy the world is to remove the love from it. Without Love, there is no Faith. There is no Hope.

The easiest way to destroy Love, is to promote self-interest, self-indulgence, self-glorification, and cause Humanity to become inward focused. By breaking down the bonds of human society, and dissolving or at least by greatly diluting Love, so that people cease to believe in it, one can eradicate it from society.

504x_775701003_76ce8283e8Love requires being Other focused. It is Patient. Kind. It is not proud, and lacks hubris. It doesn’t envy, or boast. It puts other people first; it does not dishonor other people. It is not self-seeking. It holds no grudges: Love forgives easily and often. Love is disciplined: it is not easily angered. Discipline is the easiest path to Freedom. Love loves Truth. Love Balances Justice. Love is about other people being more important to you than yourself.

Love is the essence of the Golden Rule: Love Your Neighbor As Yourself. Who is my neighbor? Everyone. The people you meet in public, the other drivers on the freeway. The workers who made your sweater and jeans. The farmer who raised your breakfast. The scientist who created your medicine. string_dimensionsThe mechanic and engineers who designed your car. Who is my neighbor? Everyone that I am remotely connected to. We must love them as we love ourselves. We must put society first, and work together to create a society built on Love. This restores Hope. This restores Faith.

This creates a Glorious and Beautiful Humanity and a Shining World for Tomorrow.

In the end, only these three things remain: Faith, Hope, and Love. The greatest of these is Love.

Love Each Other.8472136420_38bd056520_z


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