A Monsanto World Domination Thought Experiment

A Thought Experiment:

What if Monsanto developed a chemical that collapsed all bee colonies in the USA, which led to widespread famine as crops could not cross pollinate. Then, they stepped in with their Genetically Modified Patent Protected seeds that did not need the Bees, but they had to be replanted every year. Then, what if regulations made it illegal for people to garden and raise their own food in their own yards/houses? What if they simultaneously were working with the manufacturing companies and oil companies to pollute and destroy the water supplies? What if they had the only way to cleanse water from certain toxic chemical compounds

Thus Monsanto controlled the food/water supply, driving up prices so that only the wealthy could afford to eat and drink, contributing to the collapse of the middle class, entirely. Then in the chaos/Civil War that ensued as the poor became increasingly desperate and their number swelled, a Monsanto savior arose from the ashes, promising food and water. Then Monsanto built an empire upon controlling the people through their food rations and water.

He who controls the food and water, controls the world.



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