A Sad Day for American Progress…

All Humans everywhere need access to food, shelter, healthcare, physical safety, education, and basic clothing.

A civilized society is judged by how it treats the worst off members of society.

When our poorest people cannot afford basic healthcare, because of a rigged system, we cripple the very fabric of our society, and rob them of basic human dignity. In effect, we equivocate human lives with that of stray animals.

This is a sad day for America, when the house republicans, and 2 democrats repeal a base standard of healthcare for Americans.

As the Pharmaceutical and Health Corporatocracies continue to escalate costs and prices, those who need healthcare the most are least able to afford it. Then small injuries become life threatening and debilitating, which costs the State and Society more money, time, and other resources.

Everyone deserves to have a basic Education. This is a basic human egalitarian right. Everyone deserves to have basic healthcare. Everyone deserves to have basic housing. This is a simple matter of societal Justice.

If we improve the baseline fabric of our cultural cloth, we can improve society as a whole. Why settle for weaving a society out of burlap, with a cashmere pattern on top, highlighted with satin and gold, when the whole fabric can be cashmere, with more satin and gold?

When the tides come in, all the boats should rise, but if boats are leaky, and full of holes, or broken in half, they simply sink to the bottom, and poke holes in the bottoms of other boats. If we fix the leaky boats, then at least we don’t have a harbor full of dangerous wrecks. Then the various ships are free to sail the high seas for trade, or fishing, etc: making their fortunes according to the risks they take! Instead, we have a harbor with excruciatingly high boat repair costs, that inhibits people from having a shot at fishing or trading.

We must help everyone start from a certain baseline standard. If by some chance, you start from a better position, great! We have no desire to bring you down. We only desire to raise the lowest common denominators to an acceptable standard that respects human dignity, and encourages all of society toward excellence.

Excellence breeds excellence. Mediocrity breeds mediocrity, and extreme poverty and hardship breeds crime, filth, disease, homelessness, national stupidity, and contributes to the destruction of all of our freedoms and to the collapse of our democracy. The oppressed – crushed under excessive medical bills, lacking education, proper housing, and food – continue to grow in number. They are the real America, and the real America has a huge problem.

We must stand up for the dregs of society and attempt to elevate them! This is our sacred duty as Americans: to equip everyone with the most basic traits necessary to pursue the American Dream. This will allow us to build the great shining “City on a Hill” that will shine the light of Liberty and Justice for All, around the world.



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