Summer Bourbon Recipes

You simply cannot get a more Kentucky popsicle!

Drinks with many Ladies


Since it is finally warming up outside, we wanted to ensure you had what you needed in your bar to make several different refreshing libations. Here are a few of my summer faves. Let us know which you would like to try, and maybe at our next event we will have a specialty cocktail. If you don’t tell us, kittens will cry.

Maker’s Mark and Ale8 Popsicle

Directly from The only thing that would make this more Kentucky would be if your popsicle stick was made from a tulip poplar that was planted by Lincoln and cut down my George Clooney and JLaw.

  1. Determine how much your popsicle molds hold. Mine held about four ounces.
  2. Keep the alcohol content below 10%. I mixed up enough for about two molds at a time.
  3. Mix bourbon and Ale-8. I used one ounce of bourbon and seven ounces of Ale-8.
  4. Fill your…

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