Seal Of Destiny

Seal Of Destiny
~ James R.W. Hiatt

We all have a rendezvous scheduled with destiny.
She is a capricious and fickle lady, however:
keep her waiting too long,
and she casts you aside into the refuse bins of history.
Approach her too early:
she laughs like a song;
tossing her mahogany tresses,
and climbs into her red Ferrari,
speeding away without a second thought.

Destiny must be courted,
and seduced into giving you a prime spot
in her hand-chosen number.
She peers through every man.
However, only your impeccable sense of timing,
and the skill with which you handle her capricious signals
spell the razor-fine difference between
whining about your past bests in the morning,
or waking up at noon
after the wildest soiree of your life.

The truly exceptional
may keep young destiny around for a little while,
but most of the excellent people
merely bask in her glory for an hour or two
before she calmly rises,
dons her gown,
and steals away under the inky cloak of night,
ready to begin her endless quest anew.

Who is worthy of her?
Who can hope to attract her lingering gaze?
She is Helen of Troy.
She is Cleopatra.
She is the sacred Ark.
Merely being close enough to smell her perfume
Changes a man.
Those fortunate few who take hold of her,
find her marks branded upon their souls
for eternity.
Wear those badges and medals proudly:
They speak to your character,
your excellence,
your contribution to the Human Experience.

May we forever burn with the sacred Runes
emblazoned upon our face, hands, and chest:
Bearing the Seal of Destiny.


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