The Burns World Vivid


I was delayed that pidgin,
because the curved wasn’t.
A sampling of the data sets
revealed metrics unbeknownst.
Mercy given gently giraffe hippo car.
And the fodder shocked the rooster
whilst the wildebeest rocked the father.

An unknown soldier watches bee.
Lost in the free of the wasn’t.
Life lost in Rob,
Theft of the River.
Interwebs streaming over spiders aether.
The flames of eternity spin round the sea of arms
And the drapes cover the caskets of a hundred thousand implored

Gone is the Rose.
Arisen is Gnomes.

Skyfalls where starts BBQ.Dreams
And the green grass gross
all arm sound all sarm ound

Que the cue able. ball
Man Irons Man sands
time runs back to the future spots
Wags the god tail of the doggywog

Mets the yank angels fry.
Deamons breath and nations sigh
All the while sammich rye jokes dry
runs the river of sandy time.

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