A farewell

An exploration into literature:

“Today we remember to move forward.” Over and over this rang in my ears like a bell. The minister pronounced this platitude over the slumbering corpse that was my wife. In response to his drizzling consolations mirrored by the dreary weather, I adjusted the quotation,  “Today, we remember to move forward, with one eye fixating on the past.” There are certain fixed moments in time. The deletion of a brother can not be lightly forgotten. 

A host of little brown birds sang joyously in the spring showers, bathing and flitting in natures shower. Their jubilee flew in stark contrast to the melancholy of the departing mourners. Some knew him in life. Others merely showing support for the family. 

The hardest thing about writing is Creating characters, and then giving them something to do. Then the hardest thing becomes developing what happens next. Finally the last hardest thing to do is wrap up almost all of the loose ends in a way that shows growth, yet comes back to a full circle, poetically.


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