I am Directing a Play!

Hello everyone, it has been a while since I posted! In the meantime, I directed a Rock-Opera Circus Benefit show at the Republic of Pie, NoHo. It went quite well!

I also decided in the meantime, that I will apply to Yale’s School of Drama for their MFA in Directing. If accepted, I would begin in the Fall of 2014. But I need to beef up my CV and accomplishments in the meantime in order to demonstrate that I am a “sure bet”. The program only accepts three people a year, whom they believe are worth the investment, and will bring glory through success upon the program.

To That end, My next Directorial project is a play. I am directing “Art”, by Yasmina Reza (The Author of “God of Carnage”). I am currently attempting to raise funds for it, via Kickstarter: 

Please check out the Kickstarter and consider donating or sharing the page!


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