Art pertaining to The Human Condition

What is great in man is that he is a bridge, and not an end. -Nietzsche

It seems that art, especially Theater and Film preoccupy themselves with the nature and experience of the Human Condition. Why is this Valuable? Do we truly not understand it? Or do we gain something through the ritualistic confrontation with our base natures, which we then attempt to subdue and tame. What is the inherent value of humanity? Is there any? Why should we merit study and interest to ourselves and others? Is it that we have such a dynamic range? We can be magnificent and transcendental one moment and petty or petulant the next. We sweep from self-sacrifice to malevolence in a fell swoop. Nature is also this volatile in it’s own way, yet unlike nature we have choice and freedom. We can choose to feel certain ways and behave in others. Do we care about the Human condition because it is one we are all afflicted with? Humans have done more to destroy the Earth, and more to change it’s face than any other force of nature, except perhaps water.

Freud argues that the primary moving force in Human Nature is sexuality. Sexuality is only the outcome or symptomatic response to the underlying problem: Our own Mortality. Death is what colors all of our hopes and desires. Every super-objective we have is a direct result of how we choose to face the terrifying thought that our existence will eventually be snuffed out. The quest for immortality is not a new one. All religions throughout all time deal with Death and Afterlife, and Man and gods attempts to cheat the fates. Chronos and his nasty racing minions called Seconds, reach us all eventually, and then continue running by. Some religions Hinduism professes Reincarnation; Islam and Christianity believe in Heaven and Hell; Asatru believe in  Vahalla, Hel, and Hifhel; and Buddism believes in Nirvana. Some profess extinguishing existence, like Epicurianism, and Atheism. For a simplified basic chart illustrating Comparisons between religions,

At their core, most Religions attempt to give proselytes and adherents some sort of viewpoint on Death and the Afterlife.


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