Disclaimer: This post has no beginning, no middle, no end. It is merely a stream of conscious musing. Disregard it. This is nothing more than the documentation of one of my trains of thought so that I may come back to it later, and see what it was all about. It is raw, and unrefined, with no purpose.

You are still reading? Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Sometimes I close my eyes, and look around.

Nothing I see around me looks familiar. Except it should. Don’t get me wrong: I see exactly what I expect to, but it feels disconnected from reality. Or maybe I am disconnected from reality. What even is real? How do we know if we are actually even connected in the first place? In this election, many of the pundits claim that the candidates are out of touch with the common people. Is this so bad? Normal people’s way of life can be so… banal. Too many are content to wake up, enjoy their routine, develop routine relationships, with average people, and do the same things every day. They don’t stretch or grow or learn.

If you don’t stretch and learn, then you don’t grow. “If you do only what you have already done, you will never grow.”… “The world cares very little about what a man or woman knows; it is what a man or woman is able to do that counts.” -Virgil
And you will be paid according to what you have recently done. People are always talking about how they never have enough money, and many people love money. What I don’t understand is why? People desire wealth and fame in abundance. Do they crave safety and affection? Is that the root of these loves? What about those to whom the ultimate vice is power? What is the manifestation of their inner need?

In order to be a good filmmaker, you must be a good story teller and you must be a good artist. In order to be a good artist, you must be a good philosopher. In order to be a good philosopher, you must ask good questions. All the best questions come from experience: either yours or others. And thus the cycle comes full circle.

We must ask good questions. All of the best trains of thought start with a good question… I am going to type out many random questions as the occur to me. some may be original, some might come from others.

Where do we go when we die?
What happened to Amelia Earhart?
How do you spell necessary? hey! I got it right!
What really matters?
Why do priorities differ between people?
What is the best way to dissolve a body?
Why don’t we like silence?
Why don’t we give ourselves more time to think?
Where is Timbuktoo?
What is the most perfect thing you can think of?
Why do circular Pizzas come in square boxes?
Why is fencing disappearing as a popular sport?
Why do humans persist in their belief in “supernatural phenomenal”?
If there was a sudden outbreak of infectious leprosy that included fevers, biting, brain death, etc would people assume it was a zombie invasion?
I wonder if anyone has ever designed a 7 course meal with the idea of eating up the food chain?
How many colors are there?
Do the Easter bunny and the Playboy Bunnies ever hang out?
Why are people reluctant to develop friendships?
What do normal people do with the other 8 hours that they aren’t working or sleeping every day?

There are two types of infinity: Infinitely larger, and infinitely smaller. Is there a point in the middle, where both infinities balance themselves out, proportionally?


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