This will merely be an exercise in whimsey. It may be quite whimsical and fancy free, or it might be droll, or simply boring. The result isn’t the purpose; the thing to consider is the process.

EDIT: It should be noted I wrote the list first, and then found photos by googling “Whimsy” afterward.

Elephantiasis stricken Dwarfs

Clowns in butter

horse heads on fairy bodies

inverted rainbow mountains

a hand drawing a cookie eating a face

fire on the ocean floor

three forks and a lizard

figs and pumpernickel on meringue

trees growing toward the earth from clouds

airplanes flying over the above trees roots

thomas barbey

one legged robots dancing with crying cowboys under the moon

giant flamingos stepping from planet to planet, only stopping to take a sip out of the sun

clouds fighting wars 

lightning building homes

ant swarms covering babies faces

porcelain doll armies fighting terra-cotta soldiers

nude grandmothers cooking pigs feet and sauerkraut

a lamp growing out of a sandwich

a maze of cereal boxes

blanket forts

tyrannosaurus rex trying to type

triceratops teaching school

The Red Baron dogfighting with Dragon Warriors

Ninjas fighting Egyptians in Castles

Michelangelo painting boxed wine still life

cows grazing on money and chicken parts

horses riding in carriages pulled by gorillas

american flag pillows hanging from bed posts

lit candles washing up on the beach at night

smoke people looking in the mirror

Homeless man curled up next to a trashcan fire in a mahogany library

Giant gum ball machines filled with bees

beech trees made of bones

ceilings made from staplers

Stalactites and freeway intersections

hand sanitized donuts

car keys hanging on women’s heels

bookshelves with a single iPad on it

gilded scratch paper

foil tape

ok. That’s enough for now.

Please check out http://www.bruvel.com/Paintings.php for more of Gil Bruvel’s work



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