Is what you are, Who you are?

Who Am I?

Identity. People will tell you that what you do is who you are. I am NOT what I do. What I do is an extension of who I am. What I do flows out of who I am. What I do changes almost daily. Who I am seldom changes much, if it even changes at all.

Who I am is much more complex than a mere summary of my accomplishments and ambitions. I am much more than my job. Or any of my jobs. I am more than my relationships. Or any of my relationships. I am more than my failures, more than my successes, more than my mediocrity, more than my greatness.

People ascribe labels to others, in an attempt to know them. Often, these labels are quite descriptive and useful, like brand names in picking out clothing. But I am more than my labels, more than my brandings, more than the marketing campaign around me.

We are all surrounded by the myths and legends of ourselves: The small parts that other people see and hear. The myths are mere phantasms, the legends: pure hyperbole. Some of the myths are worth inflating, some worth erasing or obscuring. Our hologram must be what we want it to be, and we should be aware and take prescriptive action to design it, and taylor it to our ambitions.

Who we are has very little, necessarily, in common with the hologram. The hologram provides an easy way to interact with society.

So then, If what I am is not who I am, then who am I? If this is who we are not, Who are we? How do we even begin to assess that?


2 thoughts on “Is what you are, Who you are?

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  2. It all depends on what you are really asking…when you say “Who am I?” There are many different pragmatic interpretations of this question (teleological, anthropological, social, political, deontological, ontological, etc.)…and before you can answer it you must determine what you are asking first.

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