E=MC^2: Einstein Disproved?

So, apparently Scientist at CERN (same place as the Hadron Collider) just recorded several tests documenting Neutrinos traveling faster than the speed of light. If this is the case, the possibilities are endless. I must hear what Stephen Hawking has to say about this!


Even if the speed of light is not the universal terminal velocity, like Einstein thought, that doesn’t prohibit or inhibit Hawking’s theories on Singularities, and Blackholes. In fact, it even helps prove his point that Black Holes must give off radiation. However, the radiation would have to be traveling faster than the escape velocity, which must be faster than light (ipso facto). This is consistent with our recording neutrino streams emanating from black holes. This could mean that the majority of those detectable particles do not emanate from the swirling matter circling the even horizon, but directly from the black hole itself.

Perhaps, if the speed of light isn’t terminal, then there could be a leveling off of the energy necessary for acceleration, similar to what happens in chemical reactions, when heat is applied. Perhaps there is some sort of “catalyst” that could lower the amount of energy necessary to travel faster than light. In which case, interstellar travel at faster than light speeds would indeed be possible.

Also, while Time Dilation is a recorded fact, the theory that a particle traveling faster than light would arrive before it left is also disproved, though it makes mathematical sense. We observed that the particle still travelled forward in our perception of time, even as it travelled through space. Even if the time for the traveling particle observer were to slow down it to near stopping, it couldn’t possibly perceive time reversing. Otherwise, the greater your velocity beyond lightspeed, the the further back in time the particle would travel, at a greater perceived rate. However, if the observer disembarked from the neutrino, the observer would be back in the present, though he would have felt no passage of time, yet everyone else would have aged considerably. The ability to move faster than light overturns relativity. Time can slow down. Time can stop. Time can’t reverse.

And what about the Heisenberg Principle? We can’t simultaneously know the velocity of a particle and the location. If faster than light speed is possible, then our calculations of probability are greatly skewed, since we just raised the cap, though who knows how far? All we know is that the probability system has new weights on one extreme of the system, that must now be accounted for in the permutations of probability. How else does Heisenburg play at speeds greater than light?

More musings to follow…


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